Muddyboots is an active travel company offering bespoke vacations in the unexplored destinations of Wayanad, Malabar, Nilgiris and Coorg, and in the many wildlife and biodiversity hotspots across this region

  • Founded in 2009
  • Operations in Kerala, Coorg, Nilgiris & Rajasthan
  • Active holidays for FITs and groups from India and abroad
  • 23000+ person-days of activities delivered
  • Shortlisted as one of India’s 6 best adventure tour operators
  • Outdoor activity partner for the Vivanta by Taj group
Our responsibility to our Customers
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  • Authentic experiences everywhere”: we guarantee you spectacular terrain, unique culture, delicious cuisine, and fascinating history of the places you travel to
  • Zero Worry Vacations”: our service delivery will cover your complete vacation experience from the trails, the transit, the stay, and carefully chosen cuisine
  • "Safe fun": we have  NOLS-WFR, NIWS & WAFA leads, our equipment is certified to international standards and our documented processes enabled us pass rigorous inspection by international organizations

Our responsibility to our People
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  • Local staff”: Every one of our staff has been chosen from the communities we operate in
  • Global skills”: Every one of our team has been imparted skills unavailable or unattainable in their localities, including language skills, client interaction skills, advanced safety and adventure techniques, program planning and in some cases, accounting processes
  • "Comfort and Security": All our staff are covered by insurance, and health benefits are part of the package. So are interest-free loans and reimbursements for external training of the person's choice

Our responsibility to Where we work
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  • Local communities”:We have been working very closely with the local management committees in every forest area we operate in, to ensure that we contribute to the welfare of the very people who watch over the forests. We also support a local tribal school in Wayanad - check out Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust
  • Local economies”: we work hard to try and maximize revenue flow to the local communities e.g. by visiting a small local clean restaurant, instead of a big chain. The tiny village of Pozhuthana has benefited from our bamboo rafting operation. In addition to our direct contributions to the local governement, the rafting has been a constant source of occupation for the local youth, and the gentleman who serves hot tea and snacks next to our raft landing is a definite fan
  • "Share in the pie": we have, and will continue to, promote little-visited corners of the regions we work in so that they get a share of the tourism pie

Our responsibility to Nature
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  • Zero impact”: All our programs follow a strict policy of no litter and no waste. Everything we carry in is carried out. And very often, we carry out more because of the litter we collect as we go along
  • Conservation”: We obey all rules set by the Forest department and work closely with them. We limit visitors to fragile bio-diversity zones, and in the past, have also recommended to the Forest department that access to some key areas should be banned altogether - including to us.

pradeep_roundPradeep: 25 years of trekking, climbing, diving. A good corporate citizen with Big 5 consultancies, until MuddyBoots happened in 2009. Some people think he is short-tempered


RamRam: Thirty years of exploring Wayanad. Offered the "original and only Wayanad experience" a decade back. Loves his homeplace - everywhere else is a distant second for him


JonnetJonnet: Trained in a seminary, then turned teacher. Now looks after accounts, and also leads activities with equal aplomb. Partial to the cine world....a lot