Work with us


We are looking for an experienced Sales and Marketing Manager (based in Bangalore/Chennai/Wayanad) with the following skills:

  • Experience in travel industry
  • Proven experience in managing and achieving sales targets, revenue tracking, reporting
  • Ability to build strong relationships with clients and prospects
  • Handling corporate clients
  • Good network within the industry
  • Experience in building and pricing travel plans/packages


Someone who loves nature so much, he/she has decided to make it their life mission. Here are the details

  • Can speak excellent English, and can manage guests well. This is most important
  • Good knowledge of flora and fauna in the Western Ghats is necessary, but he/she need not be an authority
  • The primary job will be to lead guests on nature walks, hikes and treks, explaining the rainforest to them. You should get guests to really appreciate the fantastic diversity of the forest, and be able to bring it to life
  • This is a superb location for any naturalist to enhance their knowledge of the Western Ghats. They will also have the opportunity to get guidance from a senior naturalist who also works with us
  • Lodging and food will be provided. Other MuddyBoots staff are also based at this site, so you wont be on your own

If you are passionate about the outdoors and want to work in a dynamic, rapidly growing, young company, get in touch via email at!!!!