Picnic on the perfect peninsula

Discover a place with no roads, no cars, no bikes, no pollution - with a white sandy beach along one side and pristine backwaters on the other

5hrs | Hike | Easy | All year | Malabar
Mussel farming, coastal life, coconut groves, waterscapes, beach, backwaters

We will drive down till we can no more - to a jetty on the backwaters. Hitch a ride over on a little country boat, and we are ready to explore this little strip of heaven. The 200m wide peninsula is blanketed with coconut groves and the little trail that meanders through the coconut plantations is perfect for hiking. There are no roads here, which means a complete absence of all motorized vehicles. The trail is interspersed with scenic vistas of the backwaters, and heading west for only a few metres reveals pristine beaches that stretch for miles in either direction.
The peninsula is home to a huge variety of bird life. The shallows are teeming with tiny fish and prawn babies, no bigger than a speck of dust. And you might even spot the fishing eagle going about his business as usual.
This is a wonderful walk, offering a solitude that is rarely found in India, even less so in Kerala. When you are done, we can board one of the regular ferries that make their way up and down the backwaters and return back to reality. A visit to a mussel farm is an option before you return to your resort.