Water Water everywhere

Kayak along an ancient trading route on the river onto the backwaters before hitting the beach

5hrs | Kayak | Medium | All year | Malabar
River, coastal life, waterscapes, beach, backwaters

We will drive out from the resort and head east to a little jetty built on the river. Kayaks will be waiting here and its time for a lovely gentle trip downriver.Being in the water provides a unique perspective in to the riverine ecosystem. The river winds its way to a canal where we will stop after the morning's exertions. Lunch awaits at the resort, following which a siesta is an excellent idea in the hot afternoon.

In the evening, we will head out again, this time to the backwaters. The vast waterscapes are breathtaking and kayaking through them is an unforgettable experience.

Our destination is a beach where you can have some fun in the warm waters of the Arabian sea, and savour the usually magnificient sunset.
We will return to the resort after sunset.