The Essential Wayanad Ride

Ride across the heart of South Wayanad and experience the place, the people, and the stories like never before

8hrs | Bike | Hard | All year | South Wayanad
Tea Plantation, Paddyfield, Lake, Temple, Town, Village, NGO, Edakkal Caves

We recommend starting early so you can take it easy if it gets hot. The trail will be going around the base of a huge hill surging out of the the surrounding plains.

During the course of the ride you can choose to stop at many points of interest - small but famous temples, a bamboo handicrafts factory, an NGO that supports hundreds of local women with livelihood, a biodiversity research station, a tribal hamlet.

The smooth tarmac will suddenly plunge down to backcountry roads and then land you into a mud trail cutting through paddy fields. The physical challenge of negotiating this section will be compensated by the view when you start following the shoreline of the shimmering lake.

You will take a break at the dam and take in the view of the distant rampart of mountains.

The rides will pass through patches of mud trail, backcountry roads and smooth tarmac to finally land you close to Kalpetta. You will be passing through many villages and can stop for local interaction and to tuck into local delicacies on the way.