The Roller Coaster Ride

Depart from cool tea country and arrive at bamboo forests over smooth yet wickedly undulating roads

7hrs | Bike | Hard | All year | East Wayanad
Tea Plantations, Forests, Towns, Panoramic views

Based on schedule this trail can be terminated at the Muthanga Sanctuary in time to catch an evening safari.

Drive over to a plantation town to the bike off point set in the heart of teagarden country. The road leads out over a festival of green hues from the various growth of the tea bushes. In the right season you will be enveloped by morning fog during the first leg.

You will cross over the Tamilnadu at the bottom of a deep valley and fight your way to a quaint little plantation town. And then continue down the backcountry roads winding around and over the many hills that form the landscape.

The unrelenting gradients offer great fun to the serious rider. And the reward for the toil will come towards the end when the road descends to the forests and then leads on to a long flat stretch of paddy fields.

Based on fitness and time, the trail can lead all the way to the Muthanga Sanctuary gates. And if time and fancy allows you can catch the evening safari, before returning at dusk to a hot shower, spicy food, and warm sheets.