The Tales and Tails Trail

Bike the scenic trails through a river valley and forest to visit an ancient temple and then ride out to a wildlife safari

Bike, Safari | Moderate | All Year
Forest Roads, Wildlife Sanctuary, Ancient Temple, Myth & History, River

Start early and drive to an out of the way small town. Get on your bikes after the town and pedal off down the plantation roads. The road will plummet to a picturesque river valley, with a fast flowing river between emerald paddy fields squeezed between forested mountains. You will stop to frolic in the river before paying a visit to the beautiful temple and the papanashini stream close by.

You will now power into the wickedly twisting and dipping road heading towards an old junction where famously delicious unniyappams await you. You can gratefully coast down the road that goes downhill most of the way. After a break, you will tackle the last but the hardest part, heading towards the portals of a famous wildlife sanctuary.

You will end the biking and enjoy a leisurely lunch at a homestay near the sanctuary gates. After a siesta you will board a jeep heading into deep forest for a safari famous for offering sightings of wildlife large and small.

After a tea back at the gates, you will board your vehicle and head back to your resort for a hot bath, hot food and maybe a massage.