The Two Leaf And Bud Ride

Ride over smooth roads cutting across state boundaries through spectacular tea gardens and plantation towns

7hrs | Bike | Hard | All year | South & East Wayanad
Teacountry, Towns, Plantations, River, View Points

This tour covers achingly beautiful tea country, with the unbroken stretch of tea gardens spreading across state boundaries all the way to the Nilgiris.

This all-day ride goes over the smooth road that winds and undulates with the rolling tea garden terrain. The view covers myriad shades of green of the tea gardens, till the distant blue hills start looming and assuming mass up ahead.

You will pedal off from the highway heading towards a busy little spice trading town. The road then follows the rolling terrain to pass a series of old backcountry towns in the plantation country.

The last stretch of mostly downhill road draws to a close at a very scenic vista point. You will have a tour ending tea at a local tea shop and board the vehicle for the long drive back to your resort and a hot bath, hot food and rest.