Ascend To Heaven Lake

Climb to a most scenic lake and go beyond to the mist shrouded peak overlooking deep wilderness

7hrs | Hike | Hard, Family Friendly | All year | South Wayanad
Mountain, Grasslands, Shola Forest, Tea Plantations, Panoramic Views

This trail can be tailored to moderate difficulty for reasonably fit families. The trail will reach the lake for a picnic lunch.

You will test your mettle against the unforgiving slopes of a mountain today. We will drive to the trail head after an early breakfast. The trail will ascend slowly through the tree line. The spectacular scenery unfolds before you once you reach the grasslands.

By mid-morning you will reach one of the most romantic spots you will encounter – a heart shaped lake hidden in the grassy hollow half way up the mountain. Take a break and lots of photographs.

The trail will hit a ridge now and rear up at a steep angle all the way to the peak. It will take strength of body and resolve to make it to the top. The spectacle that unfolds below you and the elusive peak appearing out of mist provides the energy you need to persevere.

The summit provides stunning views of forested valleys and peaks on the other side that makes the all the hardship worthwhile. Have a lunch enjoying the view before starting the descent.

The descend will get you to the trail head by late evening, and you will reach your resort by sundown for a well earned rest.