Forests Of The Warrior Queen

Walk one of the richest evergreen forest areas, haunted by spirits from ages past and by free spirited elephant herds

6hrs | Hike | Easy, Family Friendly | All Year | West Wayanad
Cloudforests, Rivers, Forest settlements, Paddy fields, Biodiversity hotspots, History & lore

Turn away from the main roads into back roads cutting through pretty country side. Start the hike at a forest road snaking its way into dense forest lands. The trail winds its way through cloud forest, marked by mushroom like tall trees, before opening out into lovely forest clearings. We will also have the opportunity to make our way through a couple of tribal villages who have been here for forever.

The final section of the trail is through a superb example of dense tropical jungle before it culminates at a little town where we will board our vehicles for the return trip.