Guardian Of The Eastern Dark

Hike through picturesque plantations and grasslands to reach a river and a waterfall hidden deep in the rainforest

6hrs | Hike | Hard | Except Monsoon season | South Wayanad
Evergreen rainforest, Cardamom forest, Grasslands, Rivers, Waterfall, Birdlife

Pack your day bag and drive along the foothills of a mountain and cross quaint spice towns towards a remote settlement.The twisting, winding road between achingly beautiful tea gardens and gurgling mountain rivers will take you to a forested ridge jutting from the mountains.

You will hike into a cardamom forest that still maintains its old rain-forest trees, and you will thread your way between huge ancient trees.A couple of hours will get you to a high altitude grassy ridge with stunning views of mist-shrouded crags and valleys spreading around.

You will cross the river and continue the trek to another crystal clear stream. The area is secluded and you can enjoy a dip in the ice cold water in total privacy.At sunset, our vehicle will take you back to the warmth of your rooms