Secrets Of Demon Mountain

Climb up the spine of a mountain looming over a lake and descent down a deep valley along a mountain stream

7hrs | Hike | Moderate, Family Friendly | Except Monsoon season | South Wayanad
Mountain, Grassland, Shola forest, Streams, Waterfall, Reservoir, Swimming holes

This trail can be tailored to a moderate hike, albeit with a steep climb, by climbing to and returning from the first ridge.

Drive along a spectacular lake to reach the trail head. Head up the steep trail through tall trees till the grassland and mount a broad shoulder to a minor summit on the spine of the majestic mountain - named after a fabled demon - offering unmatched views of water, mountain and country.

After a halt at this viewpoint follow the ridge leading gently uphill, and then plunge into a valley towards a gushing stream at the bottom. Spend some time resting your tired limbs and then climb up to traverse across the slope till it slants down into another valley.

Hike down the incline into the tree line till the ever widening mountain stream acquiring volume and power. Head down along the water course, around and over boulders of all sizes and shapes.

Descend below a waterfall to a series of clear pools downstream. Plunge in to wash away your tiredness. Walk to your vehicle parked close by and drive by the lake and see if you can catch a boat ride among the islands enroute your accommodations.