Valley Of Spice And Clouds

Hike through teagardens that sweep up above the clouds into cardamom forests that cling to a steep valley

6hrs | Hike | Moderate, Family Friendly | Except Monsoon | South Wayanad

Hillclimb, Tea & Cardamom Plantations, Mountain Stream, Grasslands, Sholaforest, Panoramic Views

This trail can be tailored to a moderate family friendly hike, returning after a stream bath, or can be extended to a long and hard hike across mixed terrain.

The morning drive will take you to a small plantation town in the foothills of the Chembra ranges. You will drive beyond the town on the smooth road winding through teagardens to the trailhead.

The hike launches you into a tea garden clinging to the gentle slopes of the foothills with a massive summit high above.

After a steady climb interrupted by crossing over a rushing mountains stream, and passing plantation settlements, you will climb to a road that reaches a gatepost at the treeline.

The trail enters the shade of the forest canopy - the cardamom forests retain the massive old trees and the canopy is intact. The trail reduces to a four-wheel mud trail.

You will cut across a meadow to reach the stream again. The ice cold water joyously tumble between huge black boulders. The looks can be deceptive - this joyous stream transforms to terrifying whitewater in Monsoons.

You will stop by a wide bank on the stream for lunch. After lunch and crisscrossing the stream, or diving into it to relax, you will climb hard out of the treeline into grasslands to a vista point.

Descend from the vista point though the plantation roads till you reach back at the gatepost where you will board you vehicle and head back to your accommodations.