Consulting Projects

We have a project team which helps property owners set up appropriate activities. Here’s a brief about how it works – please get in touch for more information. We are here to help!
  • The team will recce the property first. A nominal fee of Rs.25,000 + 18% tax + travel expenses will be charged for this initial recce visit. Once you confirm the recce, then we will send you a GST invoice for this recce fee. We request you to kindly deposit the said fee to our account before initiation of the recce. If you go ahead with the implementation of this project by MuddyBoots, then 50% of this fee (excl. GST and travel) can be adjusted against the then payable implementation fee – we’ll update you regarding travel costs.
  • We request you to kindly arrange someone knowledgeable and responsible to take us around
  • We typically spend a day or so at the site. Sometimes we have to stay overnight, since we will be traveling from Wayanad. If possible, please arrange acco for us at your property. If this is not possible, we can make alternate stay arrangements nearby and send you the bill for reimbursement at actuals.
  • Post the recce, we will submit a proposal for activities, along with high level costing covering our consulting, design and implementation charges.
  • If you would like to go ahead, equipment/material needs to be procured and preparatory work from your side needs to be completed. While we are happy to assist or even procure the equipment/material for you, the investment needs to come from you.
  • We will set up the activities and hand over
  • Our implementation also includes training of local boys/girls before launch. We can help you interview suitable candidates, if required. In our experience, it will work out cheaper for you to employ local people who are also more likely to stick around, and can be utilized for other work when they aren’t engaged in conducting activities.
  • You have the option of signing a safety audit contract with us, where we will visit and inspect the set up once every 6 months. Following the inspection, we will submit our report and you have the option of asking us to implement the recommendations (at cost), or arrange to get those done.