Quick Summary:- 6hrs | Bike | Hard | All year | North Wayanad
Wildlife, Elephant, Smooth roads, Mud trails, Raft crossing, River, Tribal lands

This trail can be tailored to moderate difficulty depending on the start and end points. Drive over to North Wayanad to one of the little towns in the morning. Pedal down the smooth tarmac through dense forest lands. You will be crossing three different wildlife sanctuaries by the end of the ride. The undulating terrain poses an occasional challenge, but one cannot linger on the wayside, this area being one of the more frequented elephant corridors.
The road trail ends and turns into a mud and gravel track that skirts ancient paddy fields to the broad river. Push the bikes onto a large bamboo raft or country boat based on the trail.

Once across the river, the hard-packed mud trail enters a patch of deciduous forests, again with a constant menace of elephant herds. Head out with relief onto the tarmac again. Ride the backcountry roads till you cross a twin bridge, and then turn into a sandy trail along the broken river bank. Enjoy this last but most enjoyable challenge of the day, for by the end of this stretch you will reach your vehicles. Ride over to a nearby local eatery that serves one of the best meals you will have in your life. Gorge yourself on a full-spread Kerala ela-sadya. And then roll into your vehicle to doze off during your drive back.