Quick Summary:- 5hrs | Hike | Easy | All year | Malabar
Mussel farming, coastal life, coconut groves, waterscapes, beach, backwaters

Our first stop after breakfast is a cooperative mussel farm. After learning about the intricacies of mussel farming, we will board a boat to take us to a narrow peninsula that is bordered by the sea on one side, an estuary on one end and the backwaters on the third.
The 200m wide peninsula is blanketed with coconut groves and the little trail that meanders through the coconut plantations is perfect for hiking. There are no roads here, which means a complete absence of all motorized vehicles. The trail is interspersed with scenic vistas of the backwaters, and heading west for only a few metres reveals the desolate beach.
We will have lunch at one of these little clearings. This hike can be shortened if necessary since there are 2-3 boat pickup points. We will stop at one of these to head back to the mainland and our resort.