Quick Summary:- 8hrs | Hike | Difficult | Except Monsoon season | North Wayanad
Rainforest, Sholaforest, Grasslands, Cave System, Wildlife, Birds, Temple, History

Please note that the Kerala Forest Department has currently (as of Nov 2015) restricted access to the caves. We will therefore do most of the trek, and summit Brahmagiri Peak instead of visiting the caves. The route is largely the same and deviates only at the end.
You must start early for this hardest of Wayanad adventures. Get to the trailhead at sun up to avoid returning through animal infested deep forest at dusk.

The trail launches into the dense wilderness that blankets the slopes of the imposing mountain, and climbs steeply to an open ridge that holds a forest watch tower. The route now crosses a series of grassy shoulders and forested valleys as it tilts up to reach the edge of a vast rolling plateau of grass on top of the mountain. The trail follows the contours of the land and eventually takes you to your destination – the fabled cave system of the ‘Abyss of the Birds’, where yogis had taken refuge in the centuries past. These elaborate cave systems are very deep and are inhabited by flocks of birds today.
After a lunch break, explore the caves and head back to civilization. You should try to cover the last stretch of forest before evening to avoid bumping into unwanted four legged acquaintances. The trail will end in the premises of a revered temple, an example of beautiful temple architecture.