Quick Summary:- 6hrs | Trek | Medium, Family Friendly | All year | West Coorg
Mountain, Grasslands, Shola Forest, Coffee Plantations, Panoramic Views

Our vehicles will deposit us close to the trailhead, a peaceful little-explored spot in the midst of villages and fields. Very shortly, we will plunge into the rainforest, following a narrow trail through dense undergrowth. This region is rich in flora and fauna, especially birds, so make sure you keep your eyes open and pay attention to your guide. We will continue on the trail as it ascends until we meet a ridge head-on.

We will now be poised on the edge of a sheer drop several thousand feet deep – take a minute to breathe in the views around. The vernacular name of the hill to your left translates to “memento” – and this trail derives it’s name from that.
We will rest here awhile before heading east along the trail.
The next couple of hours, as make our way along the ridge, offer the best views in Coorg. We will also see several “kadangas” – trenches dating back several centuries and used in olden times for warfare and defense.
Towards noon, we will stop again for some lunch and the continue to follow the trailtill we see the familiar sign of civilization in Coorg – coffee plantations. The last stretch is through rural settlements and coffee plantations – a great way to cool down before our vehicles take us back to our resort

  • Coorg
  • Family Friendly
  • Hike
  • Trekking