Quick Summary:- 5hrs | Bike | Medium | All year | Malabar coast
Backtrails, coastal life, smooth roads, fort, beach, backwaters

Set off from the resort after breakfast – we will mostly hug the coastline for about 25km. The trail winds through empty backroads across the hinterland of the Malabar coast. Enroute, you will see local families going about their daily lives, understand the joys and challenges in these communities, take in Kerala’s biggest fort and of course, pause to admire the unspoilt beauty of this region.
At many places, the roads will run along beaches – miles and miles of them stretch in splendid isolation. You are quite likely to be the only people on the beach, apart from some local fishing  folk. You are free to go onto the beaches, but getting into the water is not always advised because of strong rip tides and sudden dropoffs. We will reach our lunch place a little after noon, just in time for a nice lunch. We will return to the resort by car after lunch – the usually hot afternoons are perfect for a short siesta.


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