Quick Summary:- 3hrs | Hike | Easy, Family Friendly | Except Monsoon | North Wayanad
Jungle, Culture, Tribal Temple, Paddy Fields, Bamboo Raft River Crossing, Temple Visit

Our walk will take us through the nearby jungle where your guide will be able to show you the wide variety of flora and fauna that abound here. We will also visit an ancient tribal temple hidden in a little clearing deep in the woods. These temples are sacred to the Thirumugham, Elliampath, Cheriyamala, and Kandamala communities who maintain these temples. See Discover an abode of tranquility and happiness on our blog for more information about these temples. We will then wander down into the paddy fields that adjoin the Kuruva islands – many of these are tended by local tribal communities, who cultivate a very rare, delicate strain of rice, called “gandhakashala”. This endemic strain of rice is famed for its fragrance, but unfortunately, is becoming increasingly hard to find.

Our walk ends at the Kabini river, which we will cross on bamboo rafts. On the other side, a sumptuous ‘ela sadya’ awaits at a local home – this is included as part of the day’s experience. Umesh and Lizzie, who run the Aswathy mess, have received rave reviews for their lunch, including being published in a global newsletter by Kuoni.
Post the well-deserved lunch, we can drive down to the Thirunelli temple, about 30 minutes away. This temple is called the “Kashi of the South” and has been mentioned in texts dating back over a thousand years. The drive to the temple is an experience in itself, as it winds through the pretty Begur and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuaries – keep your eyes open for elephants are commonly spotted here, especially in the early mornings and evenings.
We will return to your accommodation in the evening.